Coffee Brewing Rules

Probably the most frequently asked question at Java & Joe is "How do I get my coffee to taste like yours?".  Here is the answer to that question.

1.  First, and most obviously, use good coffee.  Although any coffee will be drinkable if you follow all the other instructions here you will get the best results if you use 100% Arabica beans.  All of the coffees we sell are Arabica beans.

2.  Use the right grind for your brewing method.  Use a course grind for French press, medium grind for drip makers and fine for espresso makers.  Consider having your beans ground at the store as professional grinders give a more uniform grind than home grinders.

3.  Use good, cold water.  If you don't drink the tap water then don't use it to make your coffee.  Often, just using filtered water makes the difference between good and mediocre coffee.

4.  If you use an auto drip maker then make sure it is free of hard water buildup in the pipes.  You can clean the coffee maker with vinegar.  It's cheap but smelly.  CLR works really well but you have to rinse a lot.  There are also coffee maker cleaning products available.

5.  Use the right amount of coffee.  The rule is 1 flat tablespoon of grounds per 6 ounces of water (the standard cup size on an auto-drip brewer.  Adjust the coffee/water ratio to taste.

6.  Store coffee correctly.  Grounds and beans are best in an airtight container at room temperature.  Grounds are fresh for about 2 weeks while beans are fresh for about 4 weeks.  Coffee will stay fresh in an airtight container in the freezer for 6 months but you have to leave it there.  Taking coffee in and out of the freezer causes condensation and bitterness.  If you want to buy a lot of coffee at a time freeze most of it and take out enough for 10 days or so.

7.  Do not let brewed coffee sit on the hot plate of an auto-drip brewer!  Drink the coffee right away or use a thermal carafe.  Also, do not reheat coffee in a microwave.  Microwaving coffee changes it's molecular structure and makes it taste very bad.  If you must reheat coffee use a sauce pan on the stove but do not let it boil.

​Follow these rules and you will have perfect coffee every time.  Enjoy!